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on point

on point is a series of films exploring that inescapable relationship between place and self. whether through choice or by chance we are shaped by place, and in turn we shape place (which is often more plastic than we think)

london's richness lies in its ability to accommodate seeming contradictions - that my hackney is different from yours (but still unmistakably hackney). this is the beauty of the city - that place can and does bend to the people that live there

each film explores a compass point ( north / east / south / west ) - through the eyes of people who have been shaped by and in turn shape place - if you'd like to be involved drop us an email at [email protected]

east | jonah freud | an on point film by pedestrianists.

east | arthur boyd | an on point film by pedestrianists.

north | tom | an on point film by pedestrianists.